Betty & Boss

Airy Social Media Campaign.

Betty and boss tells you a story about a nerd, shy and cute employee. she got a hard task to do, And suddenly drowns in pressure.
Craving for solutions, she got Airy Rooms to keep her game up!.

Client: Airy Rooms
Date: August 20, 2019
Services: Commercials Video Production

Producer : Svida Subandar
Ast Producer : Kidung
Director : Rossi Agung
Ast Director : Ramayulis Kinan
DP : Ilham Aldy
Ast Camera Person : Gilang Naufal
Equipment Manager : Nur Jamal
Set Design : Ozzie
Props : Syachrizal W
Location Manager : Hanif Aji
Sound : Hafidz Fauzan
Best Boy Grip : Ryan & Bagus
Editor : Ilham Aldy
Production Assistant : Ridzky Lidgina