Magnificent Bandung

A film travel video in Kabupaten Bandung.

Bandung is really something! Bandung city is resonate with our expectations about beauty. It is so diverse, and unique on its way. Bandung is one of those place that give you an experience of a lifetime. Through this short movie we’de like bring you bunch of glimpses of Magnifiecnt Bandung. Bandung is waiting for your visit!

Client: Humas Kabupaten Bandung
Date: October 11, 2019
Services: Travel Video

Production Company : Elok Studio
Executive Producer : Aldira Kusuma
Producer : Syachrizal W.
Director of Photography : Rossi Agung
Ast. Director : Ramayulis Kinan
Sound : Hafidz Fauzan
Drone Pilot : Nur Jamal
Editor : Ilham Aldy
Production Assistant : Hanif Aji