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Elok Studio is Full-Service Production House based in Bandung.
We handle of all levels Corporate Video Production.

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We create video-driven contents that communicate your brand, business or organization’s passion, ingenuity, and expertise to your audience. Adapt to your needs and budget, manage the entire production or work closely with you.

Full-service Professional video production

There’s no single video production that is too big or too small for us

Dependable and reliable

We are flexible and responsive. Able to turn around projects in frighteningly short timescales

The best for every budget

We provide every services in fair, reasonable and affordable price


Years of Experience

our journey is on the horizon, and nothing keeps us from seeking more and more



They have so much in common. They are leading companies, and trust us with creating results-focused videos.


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The clock is ticking, so are our projects.

Company Profile

Every company has their own story, the story itself defines the narrative about what a company does, what it stands for, and what makes it exceptional. But every story need a great story teller, and we are here to tell your story. We enhance your story to inspire and create a strong connection with your audience.


We are so passionate to explore the world of nonfiction with you. We are eager to capture reality about your achievement and works that move the world.

Explainer Video

There’s a way to spread your message effectively, and it doesn't include a long script or textbook. We simply create a video that used to spread your message effectively and efficiently.


More choice of services in your hand.

We adapt to your needs and budget, manage every services you choose and Work closely with you to produce an exceptional final product.

On Budget

All of our video projects are fully customized, thus are priced differently. Ensuring all the ideas come to life with reasonable and flexible prices.

On Time

We ensure a production timeline that is in accordance with your deadline, showing results and progress in every phase of it.

On Point Quality

We strive for excellence in everything we do. It brings us to not only an exceptional production level, but also a high quality final product.

Our Clients

We’ve worked with some of the best team in the world

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Leadership in a Challenging World

Astra Otoparts International Trading

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Waktu yang diperlukan untuk membuat video di tentukan oleh berapa lama pembuatan konsep cerita, waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk produksi dan waktu untuk proses video editing. Ideal pembuatan video dari awal pembuatan konsep hingga video versi final sekitar satu sampai dua bulan.

Tidak. Setiap project mempunyai kebutuhan yang berbeda, sehingga kami akan membuatkan penawaran di setiap project sesuai dengan kebutuhan.

Pesan yang ingin disampaikan yang nantinya akan dikembangkan menjadi sebuah cerita atau ide untuk video tersebut, kemudian akan lanjut mempersiapkan teknis untuk produksi video.

Bisa. Kami full-service production house yang bisa melayani lebih dari 50 jasa sesuai dengan kebutuhan.

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