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Jingle MPP Kota Bandung

MPP is a one-door service system concept that makes it easier for people to obtain services from various agencies. The philosophy of the MPP logo with the basic shape of fire is in accordance with one of the icons of the City of Bandung, namely the Bandung spirit of the Sea of Fire with the basic colors of the Bandung City flag.


DPMPTSP Kota Bandung


Rossi Agung


September 2022


We also came up with a concept where we capture every foreign policy priority in their own little story, the priority are diplomacy for sovereignty, economy, prosperity, protection, and peace.

Behind the scene

Cast & Crew

Rossi Agung


Ramayulis Kinan


Aziz Nuhakim

Ast. Diector

Gilang Naufal

Camera Person 1

Raka Farhan

Camera Person 2 & Offline Editor

Ridzky Ligina

Production Assistant

Hafidz Fauzan

Production Assistant

Ilham Aldy

Online Editor