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River 2 River

Multi Bintang Indonesia (MBI) Continues to record growth and progress, enabling the company to rise to its current position as a reputable and responsible beverage company. They also apply their commitment on environmental ethics. This video documented one of their events in Mojokerto and captured how concerned they are about the environment, and specifically water cleanliness.


PT Multi Bintang Indonesia Tbk.


Rossi Agung


November 2019


Our writer came up with a story that resonates with social conditions in Mojokerto, a lot of people in Mojokerto live near rivers. Unfortunately they treat the river poorly, not realizing that the rivers are actually their main water source. As a beverage company that produces their product in Mojokerto, MBI realizes that this issue must be mentioned and be solved. Three of our elok members flew to Mojokerto and captured the unfortunate social situation, and managed to show the impact of MBI’s effort regarding this issue.

Cast & Crew

Svida Subandar



Rossi Agung


Ilham Aldy

Camera Person & Editor

Reza Ramdani

Camera Person