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Teknologi Budidaya Jenuh Air

FKS Multi Agro have been working closely with Guru Besar Fakultas Pertanian Prof. Dr. Munif Ghulamadi from Bogor Agriculture Institution (IPB) for the past year in exploring tidal swamp land, which has been unused and non-productive for over 15 years, to plant Rice, Corn and Soybean using a new method developed by him and his team of students. This program is called Budidaya Jenuh Air dilahan Pasang Surut untuk mendukung Swasembada Nasional.


FKS Multi Agro


Rossi Agung


November 2022


We also came up with a concept where we capture every foreign policy priority in their own little story, the priority are diplomacy for sovereignty, economy, prosperity, protection, and peace.

Behind the scene

Cast & Crew

Rossi Agung

Producer & Director

Gilang Naufal

Camera Person 1

Reza Ramdhani

Camera Person 2


Drone Pilot

Raka Farhan

Offline Editor

Ilham Aldy

Online Editor