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One size doesn't fit all

We exist to give you fresh approach and various choices to every idea and story of yours, assisting and leading at any stage of the production process from concepting to delivery. We adapt to your video production needs and budget, manage the entire production or work closely with you to produce an exceptional final product.

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Pre Production

People in Elok believe that a strong foundation is a key to a good video production. the more work you put into this stage will help ensure that your production goes as smoothly as possible.

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When The meetings are over, and the preparation is complete. Its time to have some fun! Probably the most exciting and challenging phase, when we turned our idea into reality.

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Post Production

The filming wrapped, so the post production begins. Highly collaborative stages, where we delivers beautifully crafted content through our editing process.


Concept Development

Every idea is unique, but the important part is when you do a procedure afterwards to prove the idea itself. And that procedure is called concept development. Let us know when you want to take your ideas to the next level!


Do you know what are the key elements to make a great video? Its a script, script, and a script.


The storyboard clearly conveys how the story will flow. The storyboard also allows you to see potential problems that would go unnoticed, ultimately saving you time and money.

Project Planning 

Every video production need a good and well-structured planning. Planning is needed to identify desired goals, reduce risk and even to avoid deadlines, and ultimately deliver the agreed services and final product.


Location can certainly create huge differences in the quality of a video production. Not only being one of the ‘characters’ in your script, the perfect location also provides facilities and amenities for everyone involved in the production.


Whoever you are, you are perfectly cast in your life! But when it comes to deliver a story, we need to find the right people to embody the characters in the story. The performance of every cast can significantly impact the audiences.


Social Media Ads 

Digital advertising is considered to be a fairly new form of advertising. Some advertising experts believe it has already taken over the other forms of advertising. We are more than qualified to help you to utilise its potential through the power of video.

TV Commercial

KIC studies show that television is still the most trusted media in Indonesia. It also shows that TV is still relevant and being a huge part for Indonesian. We can help you to utilize this fact, creating a form of advertising that promotes your product, services, and ideas.


Campaign video allow you to reach and engage with your audience. Not only to tell people about your products and your service, campaign video might be helpful for you to urge people to show their action.


Series is a powerful media entertainment. not only to entertain their audience, series can also be used as a way to promote or even sell products.

Company Profile

Every company has their own story, the story itself defines the narrative about what a company does, what it stands for, and what makes it exceptional. But every story need a great story teller, and we are here to tell your story.

Company Anthem

Every company anthem is composed to build an ‘emotional-high’ for the listener. It creates pride, and show company’s values. We can take your company anthem to the whole new level.


Sometimes, the happiest or even the worst dreams are the reality itself. We are so passionate to explore the world of nonfiction and document reality with you.


Teaser is an excellent way to generate hype and knowledge about your product and service. We absolutely love to bundle your needs in quick and energetic video.

Safety Induction




Annual Report



It is important to pay attention to the small details, but sometimes you need to look at the bigger picture. With this service we can help you to gain an elevated perspective from every object in your video


Rough Cut

Think of this as the storytelling phase in post production. In this phase our editor focuses on the timing of every cut, the pacing of the story and communicating emotions.

Color Grading

It is not a secret that color bring a lot of emotion to us. So this phase is extremely important to Elok Studio. This phase is about how we alter the color of your motion picture. There’s no way we let your video be plain and boring.

Visual Effect

If you need something that physically does not exist in real life, dont worry, we got you! VFX allows us to create environments, objects, creatures or even people that would otherwise be impossible to shoot. So Don't hesitate to ask us the impossible.

Flat Animation

Let us tell you a little secret about Elok Studio. We are a bit of an illusionist, we have this process of making the illusion of motion called flat animation. This illusion can also be used to enhance and give more context to your every video.

3D Animation

Who doesn't love 3D animation? In general, Animation is fun, cool, and tend to bring happiness. In your case, 3d animation is also important because it allow you to communicate with your customer in a memorable and immersive way.

Voice Over

A good voice-over not only has to convey a specific message precisely, but it must also support your brand and deliver the emotional message the advertisement is intending to invoke.


In general we use music to shape emotional responses and create a rhythm to your video. Music also often crucial to the experience of your video, in some cases becoming as iconic as your video.

Sound Design

Let's put it this way, sound design clearly doesn’t tell us the story, but it teleports us to the inside of the story. And that’s what we’re always trying to do in this phase. We record, generate or even manipulate sounds in order to create the perfect atmosphere for our every video.

Cutdown & Rendering

Every media platform has their own format, you cant use one single format of your final video product, hoping it will go well and be worth to watch in every single media you are about to use.